Thursday, August 13, 2009


Luang Phor Sai , Wat Narm WichitPoosing District, Srisakes ProvinceThe great holy monk which has his behavior clean and pure perspective till have wonderfulmagic and powerful. He is the real known of the magical sceince of encient Cambodia wicha (scient)He took all the wonderful magic iron and holy yantpad to be melt such as Sankawanorn nail, Nawa Horakunyant pad, Shinnabanchorn yant pad, and other holy sources to be the raw material.Luang Phor took all the wonderful holy sources to meltand humbed to be holy sword and took all to the ancientCombodian wicha. That is the cause the sword have powerto all kind of protection, mercy and persuade, destroy the black magic , against the ghost, black devil doll,ghost in the lock in the house, destroy the magic of broken monk bowl.You can hold the sword on the lock of house or accompanywith you and caused it powerful and wonderful can treat all danger and enemy. All the sword will be written withkatha "Nawa Horakun" as A SANK WI SU LO PU SA PU PA once again.katha usagepray Namotassa.....3 timesA SANK WI SU LO PU SA PU PA and pray anything you want. LETTING GO AT $388

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